LED Linear Light | 24W-75W 130/160LM/W | Seamless Connection 2400W 


•60 seconds quick installation without using any tools;

•Low installation cost - simply splicing to complete without additional materials for installation, and meanwhile,the labor costs of wiring and fixture installation are significantly reduced;

•A three-phase circuit is preset in the track and the lamp can be individually controlled as required;

•Dimmingmode:0-10V and DALI

•Emergency Mode: Emergency Battery/UPS System;

•Sensor mode: microwave sensor and daylight sensor;

X, L, and T standard module node connectors;

•Mounting options: Surface mounted chains or ropes;

•Wide range of optics from 30° to 120° distribution, and double symmetrical distribution.

  • 24W-75W // 130/160LMW
  • Seamless Connection 2400W MAX.
  • 3/5/7 Wires' Trunking System available
  • 600/1200/1500mm Length Customization
  • Dimming 0/1-10V, DALI
  • 3-Phase Circuit
  • Emergency Battery/UPS System
  • Smart Sensor: Microwave, Daylight
  • Wide Beam Angle: 30°-120°, Double Symmetrical Light Distribution
  • Quick Installation: X, T & L & Node Connectors

No need for bridges, no need to purchase additional materials, nowiring, provincial construction period, installation fees, labor costs, auxiliary materials costs, ceiling decoration costs.

3/5/7 Wires’ Trunking Rail

•The track is the bracket to fix the lamp body

•The circuit preset in the track powers the lamp body

•Splicing between tracks to form a system

•The rails are pre-wired within the factory and are available in three standard sizes: 3, 5, and 7 wires. The 5th line is the basic power supply line, and the other line outside the 5th line is the function line, dimming and emergency functions.

•There are 3 fire wires in 5 wires, and a common zero line and ground wire; toggle the phase selection terminal in the track to connect the lamp body to different electrical circuits. Three Fire Wire external switches can easily realize the group management of different lamps in the system.

•A 2.5 square wire cable with a maximum current of 16A. One wire allows the installation of 5060W lamps.

•The track length is available in three sizes: 600mm/1200mm/1500mm, which corresponds to a lamp body of the same length.

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