We’re Trusted and Proven

Veandaa® is privately-held and financially strong. We have served some of our customers for decades. While we continue to evolve in terms of global reach and overall capabilities, our commitment to putting customers first remains unchanged. Customers around the world place their trust in our robust experience and comprehensive approach. The results are shown in a long list of customers, of which we are extremely proud. This is the best proof of our expertise, from which you too can benefit.

We are the recognized leader supporting illumination LED industry for the global markets including aerospace, food service, people movers, transportation, medical, telecom and industrial.  We provide custom and standard solutions with our design engineering expertise, superior customer service and the broadest product line in the industry to exceed user experience.

Value-added Services

Value-added services is defined as  individually modify our standard lighting in accordance with our customers’ needs. Depending on the design specifications, environmental requirements, we customize our standard components in close collaboration with our customers.

The Leader in LED Lighting

A broad range of products and customization options. With over 10 years of experience as a global provider, we have the knowledge and the products to satisfy any application or product requirement. Our products stand out thanks to their excellent quality, innovative design, and ease of assembly. Our range of standard lighting is complemented by our value-added service, in which we offer also components and assemblies customized according to a customer’s specific requirements.

Join us for a momentum growth together with mutually reciprocal business cooperation moving forward.
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