What is LED RGB Lighting

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is a lighting system that uses a semiconductor source of light known as LED to produce a light. RGB stands for red, green, and blue, and it refers to the colors of lights available from the LED Lighting device. Generally, an RGB lighting device offers a means of controlling and changing lighting color in theaters, clubs, and concerts. Types of LED RGB lighting include linear lighting, direct-view lighting, and wall-wash LED RGB lighting. 

Generally, an RGB lighting device offers a means of controlling and changing lighting color in theaters, clubs, and concerts.

Individually, LED bulbs are usually fairly tiny and grouped together in order to form a light source. Mixing colors of light works differently than mixing colors of paint, so in order to get all white light, a lighting designer needs to add colors from the full spectrum to achieve the desired effect. A dominant amount of blue light makes the light more blue, as adding red makes the light more red.

LED RGB lighting is useful for stage lighting for theater productions, as well as for dance clubs and outdoor lighting. For gardens, LED RGB lighting can be used to add a specific set of changeable colors to an outdoor landscaping area. One benefit to LED lighting is that it is often safer and more energy efficient than traditional incandescent and halogen lighting options. It also has more flexibility with respect to color because LED RGB lighting is easily adjusted in color and dimmed to meet specific lighting needs.

Linear lighting is lighting in strips that can often be bent or flexed. These can fit unusually shaped or curved objects, around which it would be difficult to shape other types of lighting fixtures. Some types of flexible linear strip lighting can be used in fashion to light articles of clothing.

Wall-wash lighting is usually a box of lights that can be propped up to cover a wall in colored light. One problem with LED wall-wash lighting is that light colors can be grouped, which can cause uneven lighting when using lights of only one color. One way to get around this is to use several wall-wash fixtures to ensure fully even lighting across the lit surface.

Direct-view lighting is a lighting fixture at which a viewer looks directly. This type of fixture usually serves as a form of entertainment but can also add some light to a room. Generally, these types of lighting fixtures have light designs or patterns meant to act as decoration.

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