Do You Really Understand Linear Lighting? ( I )

At present, more and more lighting scenes are applied to linear elements. The linear lighting market is still huge today and will not disappear soon; the difference now is that the transformation from traditional linear lighting to LED technology combined with intelligent lighting has expanded the application scope of linear lamps .

With the improvement of appearance and performance, the appearance and application of this lamp will continue to develop. Traditions are being abandoned, new materials are used, and more advanced technology is employed, and linear lighting is also more compact and efficient.

Today, the editor will take you to experience the unique charm of linear lighting!

“Point, line, surface” are the basic elements of graphic design or space design.

As far as lamps are concerned, Lamp types such as downlights, spotlights, and track lights are summarized as “points”

A class of lamps is classified as “line”, Panel lights and soft ceiling films are classified as “surfaces”. Linear lighting fixtures can be said to be a combination of points and surfaces.

Common linear lamps

LED Linear - 1
LED Linear - 2
LED Linear - 3
LED Linear - 4
LED Linear - 6
LED Linear - 5

Linear luminaires with various specifications and installation methods

LED Linear - 9
LED Linear - 8
LED Linear - 10

From the perspective of the variety of styles and installation methods of linear lights; line lights are flexible products, not standard products; it is difficult for linear lighting to define its functions alone, both lighting functions and visual art functions, product size, Light color, installation method, control method all change according to each individual space.

It can be freely customized in length according to the actual installation requirements according to the specific application scope; splicing at will; the built-in light bar light source can also be changed according to the specific use scene, the power and color temperature; In addition, with the popularization of intelligent control systems, in order to increase the sensory experience , more and more users prefer to add intelligent control effects to improve the visual art effect of the space.

With the improvement of the function of linear lamps, it is not only reflected in the office field, but more designers are better at applying it to high-end commercial space, home space, industrial lighting and other environments, creating different light and shadow effects.

Office Space – Application of Linear Lighting

Many new office buildings will be designed into a simple and clear office environment, and this kind of linear light will be more popular.

The differences in office space in different industries are huge, and the functional requirements and image temperament are completely different. Therefore, the design should be particularly appropriate to the company’s vision, and in-depth study of its corporate culture to understand its functional requirements, so it is also more picky about the use of lamps; linear lamps, as functional and highly customized products, will be designers in the office field in the future. Preferred design direction.

Home Lighting – Linear Lighting Applications

According to different design requirements, a large part of indoor commercial lighting will replace panel lights and downlights with linear lamps in the future. 

Commercial space channel design – linear lighting application

Linear lamps have been continuously improved and enriched in the evolution of technology and shape, and with the trend of the market, more and more people like to use linear lamps as decorative lighting

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